Player Generated World Building and Tropes

I am going to make it a regular part of game sessions for players to spend some time on helping me with the world building for the game.  I have some very broad strokes in place that are meant to facilitate they strange way the campaign is being built (random players and such), but hope that I can leave the details up to them.  That seemed like it was going to work quite well right up until my expectations ran headlong into reality.  I very much am in favor of breaking away from the common tropes often seen with things like character races.  Tolkien looms large in our hobby even today.  My least favorite trope is the “standard” elf.  I usually approach player world building with the attitude of “yes and”, but I had a really hard time doing that when it was proposed that elves be pretty bog standard elves from your classic D&D world.  I really want the players to get to play in the world they want to play in, but that is really hard to weigh against my desire for doing something new.  I don’t really have an answer yet.

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