The Outland Tales Begin

I am planning on using this blog to chronicles my efforts to create a semi-persistent gaming world out of the weekend Dungeon World games that are taking place at in San Antonio.  There isn’t really going to be a consistent group of players as most of the games are open gaming.  I am going to use The West Marches as a model for it.

One of the challenges is going to be finishing adventures that span more than one game session with it being almost guaranteed that there won’t be the same set of players at the table for future sessions.  I am going to use a system where if enough of the original players attend at once, they can choose to continue a previously started adventure.  New players for that session will “upgrade” one of the mandatory followers characters that set out with the player’s adventurers in the beginning.  Characters that are currently on an adventure are not available to be used on a different adventure until they have returned home alive.

There are a lot of other details I have been mulling about with, but that is basic premise for the project.  In future posts I will put together some information about the world and the parts that have started to get fleshed out by the players.

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