*Spoilers* Fronts

I have been thinking a bit about different fronts that would be good additions to the campaign.  That has really started getting me to think about some of the things that have been emerging about the world the stories are taking place.  The mythology of the major human religion (The Keepers of the Flame) is one of hero worship and mystical initiation.  Their found is said to have created what humanity calls its first civilization by carving out a world from the nightmare chaos that made up the world at the time.  He created the first kingdom and expanded it into the empire that would eventually take on his name.  This view comes to humanity across a chasm of time and lost knowledge after the fall of the empire.  It is also a distinctly human view of the history.  There are Elves and Dwarves living among humanity, with quite distinct cultures, but their own histories also seem to only go back as far as the beginning of the empire.

Much of the empire has fallen and reverted back to what it was before humanity took it, but what does that mean.

Does it just mean it is frontier lands where people lead precarious lives when they can be found and the cultures of the elves and other fey folk are just so different that it was easier for the early human empire to call them “chaos”?

What if instead there is a hard kernel of truth to the myths.  What if the countryside is a chaotic magic fueled nightmare realm of beauty, horror, and majesty.  Is this the same magic that humanity wields?

What is the churning borderland like?

Are there pockets of “other” sanity within the wilds?

How is it creeping back into control of the fallen empire?

What do the remains of the empire look like in this realm?

How do the other sentient races (such as lizard-men) survive?

Do they create their own pockets or are their ability to survive in their current forms because they live in the semi-sanity imposed by the remains of the human empire?

What about things like the fallen pre-historical Lizard-Man civilization?

Did they create the chaos?  Did they fall to humanity?


So many questions.